Holland Project - your bridge to Russia

Assistance in establishing business relations in the Netherlands/Europe/Russia
- Search for business partners
- Establish and maintain business contacts with organizations
- Uphold  business correspondence in Russian, English and Dutch languages
- Organize and conduct negotiations / business meetings
- Arrange Client’s participation in professional events/ exhibitions/conferences
- Meet Client at the Airport, arrange accommodation and coordinate Client’s transportation

Translation Service
- Oral and written translations from/to Russian, English, Dutch languages
- Simultaneous translation at negotiations
- Legalization of documents with Apostil stamp

Open a representative office in the Netherlands/Russia
Virtual office in Europe/Russia
- Consulting/advising services regarding business practices in  Europe/Russia
- Development and creation of a business plan and/or Internet website
- Preparation of the required documentation
- Administrative services/tasks
- Coordination of the daily work and assistance in decision-making process
- Selection and training of staff  members

Promotion of product in the European market/Russia
Development of the Specific project/s in Europe/Russia
- Set goals and objectives, create business plan
- Develop business strategy
- Coordinate PR (Public Relations) and advertising strategy
- Development and implementation
of marketing programs
- Logistic services