Holland Project - your bridge to Russia

Company 'Project at Holland' is your reliable and stable partner in Russia

Organization 'Project at Holland' is a successful, fast growing entity, part of G.T. Agency which was established in 2006 year in Holland.  

We offer business services to European companies and individuals, interested in entering the Russian market and (or) developing of specific projects in Russia.

'Project at Holland' embraces business knowledge, expertise and practical in-depth understanding. The combination of European and Eastern-European visions and business styles forms a solid work-platform for 'Project at Holland'.

Our approach is Unique Innovative Transparent. It is customized to the needs and requirements of the Client.

We are looking for prosperous business collaborations, great projects and novel ideas! The exchange of knowledge and skills for mutual benefits is vital.

We are aiming to excel Client’s business activities, face challenges (private and public) and offer optimal solution(s). 

                            Let’s forget geographical, cultural and personal boundaries! 

                            We choose realization of Client´s visions, goals and targets!